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Colatta Compound is a chocolate compound that specially formulated to imitate the characteristics of couverture but without tempering process on its preparation. Colatta Compound is made from specially mixed vegetable fat as a result of elaborate research.

To provide the great taste of Colatta Compound series, we use only top quality ingredients with slightly sweet taste to satisfy your passion of chocolate.

Colatta Compound is very suitable for:

• Pralines shells, candies and truffles.
• Covering or coating petit fours (fancy cakes).
• Decoration material (Ex. chocolate curls, frosting or chocolate shaving).
• Ganache, mousses, sauces, etc.
• Brownies and many other cake.


Colatta Series

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Colatta Couverture is a specially formulated chocolate for bakery, pastry and high quality pralines. Colatta Couverture is made of high quality pure cocoa butter and cocoa mass, mixed with accurately controlled and selected ingredients. Couverture is processed in such a way to give a smooth taste and perfect consistency. Colatta Couverture is very suitable for :

• Filling pralines.

• Ganache, mousses, sauces, etc.

• Melting, moulding and enrobing.

Colatta Couverture

Colatta Couverture

Made from high quality cocoa powder and chocolate fat, this bittersweet chocolate specially made for truly chocolate lovers.

Colatta Stick Couverture

Colatta Stick Couverture

Available in stick form, this bitter sweet stick shape chocolate very suitable for croissants and bread filling.

Colatta Chip Couverture

Colatta Chip Couverture

A bake stable chocolate in chip shape that very suitable for cookies, decoration also dessert topping.

Colatta Button Couverture

Colatta Button Couverture

Made with high quality chocolate fat that came in button shape. Easy to use in many application without chopping process.

Function Spesific

Function Spesific

Provides disctinct function of various chocolate form which are very suitable for confectionary, baking, coating also filling application. Easier for you to applied at any desserts, cakes also cookies.

Colatta Dip

A special chocolate coating that designed to covering donut, cookies and mini cake. Simple, just dip and pour on any application.

Colatta Special Coating

Special made to be used as coating, glazing, and dipping on cake, tart, cookies, also donut with shiny result.

Colatta Glaze

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Filling Chocolate

Colatta Choco Filling

Ready to use filling that suitable for bread, cake, and pastry with strong chocolate taste.

Colatta Choco Spread

Excellent chocolate spread that suitable for any bread and pastry application.

Bendico Filling Soft

Special made for chocolate filling that suitable in pastry and cake application with soft texture.

Colatta Chocolate Pasta

In paste form, one of wide range Colatta chocolate filling was made to any application with excellent result.


Vermicelli & Food Coloring

On top of our slab chocolate and function specific products, Colatta also offers various kind of rice chocolate and oil-based food coloring

Colatta Vermicelli

Made from high quality hydrogenated vegetable fats that has good melting chaterictic.

Colatta ChocoArt

Oil based food coloring agent with attractive color that suitable for chocolate application.