Business To Business

In the Food Service business unit there are several consumer segmentation, namely Bakery, Hotel, Restaurant, Café and Catering. Almost all famous and big food service chain in Indonesia using our main products.Consumers who require a product with food safety definitely assured with satisfaction.

There are three pillars of the strategy adopted by GMK in the Food Service’s business units, including a comprehensive product with good value and customization. With our mission to delight people one at a time, every consumer certainly have needs and desires that different, and the people behind the Sales Team and Technical Advisor are reliable and responsive in serving consumer expectations.

Business To Customer

Unlike the food service (Business to Business)unit, Consumer Goods unit focusing on the target female consumers, both housewives and workers withrange age of 20 years above. Currently GMK products, especially Colatta, is one of the leaders in the baking chocolate products that widely recognized by the public. Likewise with Haan which has a number of excellent products, such as WippyCream, Ice Cream, Pancake, Pudding, and Flan Mix.

According the target consumer, GMK creates demand by face to face communication and direct product selling. To enhance brand awareness, GMK also communicate digitally. In addition to maximizing the availability of products in stores, GMK aggressively expanding and product penetration in all channels.