About Us

Expertise Makes Great

PT Gandum Mas Kencana(GMK) located in Tangerang, Indonesia is a privately owned company established in 1985. Originally built to produce baking mixes for the households, Gandum Mas Kencana has grown to be a major player in supplying food service industry especially in products related to chocolate. Nowadays Gandum Mas Kencana has exporting to most countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and have strong intention to expand its wings to other parts of the world.

Understanding the needs of our customers and committing to meet them will always on the forefront of our mind. Hence, setting high standards on our products and services as well as on our way of managing the business is not to be compromised. Currently we have ISO-9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP certification also HALAL certified in all of our products.

Delighting People

Focusing on our the vision: to deliver trendsetting products and services also our mission: to delight people through food and beverage products and related services, one customer at a time, we have determined that customers satisfaction should be the motor of our company. We look at innovation not only related to our products but also in customer related services.


Following today’s business trends, we see that there is more and more needs towards uniqueness and specializing. Therefore we decided to open ourselves to customization. Our customization policy is such that we offer relatively moderate minimum order quantity, flexibility, on time delivery and guarantee on confidentiality.

Total Solution.

We seek to work as a partner of our customer and would like to think together with the customer to solve their problems. Our services including trouble shooting, training, trial runs, production advice, packaging advice, etc.

Product Range


We produced a big range of chocolate or chocolate related products for baking and confectionary industry. Originated from tropical country, we’re specialized in compound chocolates. Needless to say, after having specialized ourselves all these years we have acquired the technique to formulate all kinds of compounds fulfilling the needs of different segments of the market. Not only offering a lot of products to the market, we also aiming to cater to a wide range of market segments from the industrialized to the artisanal, from the institutional to the retail market.

Dessert Mixes

Gandum Mas Kencana has the specialized know-how in dessert mixes from puddings, mousses, flans, smoothies to ice creams. On top of this we also produced a variety of sauces and fudges that generally goes well with desserts.

Bakery Mixes and Ingredients

As we started from baking mixes, we have kept this as one of our core business. We make cake mixes and donut mixes as well as other powder ingredients such as various specialized icing sugars and decorating sugars. Not only are there a lot of products that we offer to the market, we aim to cater to a wide range of market segments from the industrialized to the artisanal, from the institutional to the retail market.



Commit on high standards inevery products and services also managing our business is completed with our certification in food safety and quality, namely; ISO-9001, ISO 22000, HACCP also HALAL certified in all of our products.