Dessert Mix
Confectionary Mix
Speciality Sugar

Dessert Mix

Dessert Mix

Sweet and tangle dessert series from Haan offers various kind of pudding mix, flan mix, ice cream mix, bavaroise mix and also vla sauce mix. Surely indulging your sweet tooth.

Pudding Mix

One of our special dessert mix that easy to make with less cooking process, this flavorful pudding has special sweet taste.

Flan Mix

A soft texture and creamier version of pudding that easy to made with special flavor.

Ice Cream Mix

Dessert powder for ice cream with less effort and more economical than making from scratch.

Bavaroise Mix

Instant powder for soft bavaroise or as a whipped cream stabilizer. No more adding gelatin.

Vla Sauce Mix

Instant vla sauce that suitable for pudding also any dessert application.

Confectionary Mix

Confectionary Mix

Understanding the needs of our customer, we provide various kind of confectionary mix in form of powder that precisely can save time and energy. With special formula and ingredients, many kind of application can be made from it.

Donut Mix – Yeast Raised

An instant donut mix made from selected wheat flour and mixed ingredients for soft and smooth donut.

Pancake Mix

A simple and more economical pancake powder with soft texture, just add water and egg.

Self Raising Flour

A multi purpose raising powder that suitable for cake, cookies and many others application.

Cake Mix

Instant cake mix with many benefits; easy to make, less additional ingredients & delicious taste.

Wippy Cream

Multifunction topping and dessert cream with simple & easy step to make.

WhipTopp Dessert and Beverage

An uneasily crack whipping cream with perfect taste and texture.

WhipTopp Baking and Cooking

Practical whipping cream powder with single use package & easy to make.


Instant custard with soft texture and sweet aromatic flavor.

Speciality Sugar

Specialty Sugar

Haan Specialty Sugar series offer various specialized icing sugar and also decorating sugar. With the right composition of taste and form, certainly fulfilled the different segment of market.

Donut Dusting Powder

A special made sugar that not melt on donut and cookies application.

Blanchia Icing Sugar

With smooth texture this special sugar applicable on any cake decoration also cold beverage.

Fiesta Icing Sugar

One of our best quality sugar that goes well for honey glaze, royal icing and many others.

Velvet Icing Sugar

The texture of this special sugar that give smooth and sweet taste are suitable for wedding cake and decoration.



On top of our dessert, confectionary mix and specialty sugar, Haan also produced different product like thickening agent, dough conditioner and active baking powder that generally goes well with desserts, cakes and cookies.


With selected ingredients this thickening agent also suitable for emulsifier and cookies mixture.

Palm Sugar

The unique taste of palm sugar are suitable for any dessert and sweet beverages.


As a dough conditioner, emulplex suitable for adding crispiness in cookies also smoothness in bread.

Active Baking Powder

Suitable for cookies and cake mixture that can enhance volume on baking application.