Dessert Mix

Haan Flan Mix

A soft texture and creamier version of pudding that easy to made with special flavor.

Haan Bavaroise

Instant powder for soft bavaroise or as a whipped cream stabilizer. No more adding gelatin.

Haan Vla Mix

Instant vla sauce that suitable for pudding also any dessert application.

Haan Puding Mix

One of our special dessert mix that easy to make with less cooking process, this flavorful pudding has special sweet taste.

Haan Ice Cream Mix

Dessert powder for ice cream with less effort and more economical than making from scratch.

Confectionary Mix

Haan Donut Mix

An instant donut mix made from selected wheat flour and mixed ingredients for soft and smooth donut.

Haan Pancake Mix

A simple and more economical pancake powder with soft texture, just add water and egg.

Haan Self Rising Flour

A multi purpose raising powder that suitable for cake, cookies and many others application.

Haan Whiptopp Baking & Cooking

Practical whipping cream powder with single use package & easy to make.

Haan Whiptopp Beverage & Desert

An uneasily crack whipping cream with perfect taste and texture.

 Haan Fiesta Icing Sugar

Fine powdered sugar made from 100% cane sugar that can be used for many applications.

Haan Velvet Icing Sugar

Very fine and very white powdered sugar that designed for making royal icing

Haan Blanchia

Speciality sugar that designed for decoration on products that displayed in cool temperature. Its character allows the sugar to not melt away in cool temperature

Haan Donut Dusting

Speciality sugar for donut decoration. This sugar will not melt on the room temperature after application.

Haan Maizena

100% Maizena or corn flour for various application.

Haan Palm Sugar

100% palm sugar that will add up unique flavor to the products.

Haan Emulplex

Dough conditioner to strenghten and improve dough elasticity, improve volume, minimizing pores, improve texture, and prolong shelf life of products

Haan Active Baking Powder

Double acting baking powder that suitable for leavening agent in bread, cookies, and fried foods.