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  Tuesday, 23 December 2014
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More and enliven event, Sedap Mighty Culinary Fair held at the Field Basketball Bung Karno Senayan, Jakarta, PT. GGandum Mas Kencana held a number of exciting activities. One of them is Cooking Demo One which demonstrated directly by the Technical Advisor Colatta. A number of excellent products from PT. Gandum Mas kencana, like Haan Pudding Mix, Cake Mix Haan, Haan Mix Ice Cream, and Chocolate Compound Colatta demonstrated and applied directly in front of the visitors. Not only that, visitors will also be given special rates at the bazaar.
A passionate kiss is sure to make the heart melt. But it is no comparison to the sensation of chocolate melting on the tongue, a study has discovered. Young volunteers\' hearts and heads were hooked up to electrodes and asked to taste pieces of dark cho
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