a wide and
product range


We produce a big range of chocolate or chocolate related product for baking and confectionary industry. Originated from tropical country, we’re specializing in compound chocolate. Needless to say, after having specialized ourselves all these years we have acquired the technique to formulate all kinds of compound fulfilling the needs of different the needs of different segment of the market.
Not only offering a lot of products to the market, we also aiming to cater to a wide range of market segments from the indrustrized to the artisanal, from the institusional to the retail.

Dessert Mixes

Gandum Mas Kencana has the specialized jnow-how in dessert mixes from puddings, mouses, flans, smoothies and ice creams. On top of this we also producet a variety of sauces and fudges that generally goes well dessert

Bakery Mixes and Ingredients

As we started from baking mixes, we have kept this as one of our core business. We make cake mixes and donut mixes as well as other powder ingredients such as various specialized icing sugars and decorating sugars