Trending Pastry Show in Korean & Japanese Style

PT Gandum Mas Kencana presented an interesting and unordinary event that related with the latest and upcoming pastry and dessert trends. Pâtissera which derived from the word “pâtisserie” (pastry) and “serra” (future) has becoming one of the biggest event that held by Gandum Mas Kencana. With festival themed, pâtissera has shown all the matters that related to trends, techniques, and specific ingredients in pastry, cake and dessert.
What make this event so special was the concept and the idea that brought by Gandum Mas Kencana, as one of the biggest chocolate producer (Colatta). Inspired by many varieties of cakes, pastries and dessert-style Japanese and Korean, this pastry festival filled with spectacular main demo attraction and also demo stall with unique concept that will be the next pastry trends in 2015.

This event that held in Balai Kartini-Jakarta at October 23rd has reached a big hit! More than three hundreds seats occupied with enthusiastic people. Various inspirational recipes in this spectacular event was demonstrated by Joy Pelo Jr., international pastry chef and chocolatier who had been teaching at William Angliss Institute of TAFE (college / university), Australia and also Deny Sualang and Nur Abduh, pastry consultant and Techical advisor from PT Gandum Mas Kencana.
“This pastry demo event was planned to be held regularly to inspire everyone about the latest and upcoming trends in pastry, cake, and bakery. Various trending recipes in pâtissera also demonstrated by international chef that loaded with experiences in pastry. In addition, special in Jakarta, there’s also talk show with Kim Ki Sol, Korean speakers that discussing in detail about Korean and global pastry trends,” said Iman Setia, Marketing Communications Manager of PT Gandum Mas Kencana.

Besides the concept of festival, the other interesting thing in pâtissera was the four unique themes in stall demo. One of them is “Elegant Ombre Layer”, the latest creation that lifts Japanese Style elegant side in detail and perfection.
Not only describing the various creations of Japanese Style dessert & cake, pâtissera also review about “Healthy Pastry and Dessert” that packed with an attractive appearance in Korean style pastry. The enthusiasts bite-size/mini cake also pampered with a special demonstration about Petit Four. “Small Classy Pastry” is one of the latest creations petit four in typical Japanese Style pastry application.
Last but not least, pâtissera also review a special designed applications for children. With the theme “Fun Kiddy”, a variety of the latest creations inspired by Korean Style pastry for young children can be used as an inspiration.

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