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Our Brands
Our Brands

Our Brands

We look forward to continuing our mission to provide you with the relevant products and insights you need to run your business successfully


A ready to use product that can be widely used in so many ideas such as dessert, beverage, and cake creation

Understanding the needs of our customers, we produced a ready to use and ready to eat product that allow bakers and chef saving their time and energy in production.


One of our best featured product brand of cocoa powder. We believe that cocoa powder is one of the important ingredients that determines the flavor and quality of finish product in every application. 

Based on that fact, we have Bendico Cocoa Powder range to provide a high quality cocoa powder.



Produced various high quality baking ingredients for pastry and bakery production to help delivering best end result. 

Specializing in variety of dessert mixes, cake and donut mixes to various specialty icing sugar and decorating sugar. 

AIming to delight our customers we strive to fulfill their needs an we commit to high standards in every product.



Produced a big range of chocolate and chocolate related products for baking and confectionary needs. 

Originated from tropical country, we’re specialized in compound chocolates. After having specialized ourselves all these years we have acquired the technique to formulate all kinds of compounds also couverture to fulfilling the needs of different segments of the market. 

Colatta was the first compound chocolate with a full range of flavours and colours and the first brand from Indonesia to enter the global market and has ever since been growing its market especially in Asian countries.